Recess: There’s a dress code out there . . .

I spent last week at Blair Elementary enjoying recess duty as usual, but this time there was a difference.  Within minutes of the first shift on Monday, Veronica and Sophia  came over to talk.  Both girls looked about six years old, judging by their array of missing front teeth.  I expected a question, but didn’t expect this one, which was, “Can we hang out with you?”

I thought maybe they were trying to avoid someone, but according to them, that wasn’t the case.  They just liked walking around with the duty person.  So the three of us set out, me in my giant coat, clunky all-weather boots and garish safety vest, and they in their pink jackets, leggings, and matching hair ornaments. I don’t have to tell you which members of our trio looked more stylish.

The fashionable jacket over ballet tutu look

When it comes to recess fashion, if you’re a girl, wearing pink or purple is pretty much mandatory.  While Sophia had that covered with her matching pink coat and leggings, Veronica had taken things a bit further. She wore a pink and purple coat, pint size UGG boots, pink leggings and to top it all off, a pale pink net tutu skirt.  If you don’t know what that is, check out the picture on the right.  These skirts are very popular with little girls right now.  It’s  a combination of styles – princess, ballerina and early Gwen Stefani – all of which creates a demure Lady Gaga effect.

Me and my less fashionable vest over jacket look

This fashion sense of Veronica’s proved to be very acute.  The next day there she was, eager to hang out again.  She noticed approvingly that I was wearing high heels instead of boots (no time to change that day), warned me to stay off the muddy grass in them, and then told me about her mom’s red shoes.

“They’re higher than yours and the heels are really skinny.  She wore them to a wedding and she could barely walk.”  This description was embellished with an imitation of her mother wobbling along in her shoes.

Principal Mark Hoath's crew of recess helpers

The next day was very exciting, as principal Mark Hoath arrived with an armful of safety vests and gave them out to any and all who wanted to be deputized recess supervisors that day. Sophia went for that big time, immediately observing that her vest was newer than mine. I figured Veronica would be all over this too, but, nooo.  She was horrified at the thought of a vest and hid behind me to avoid taking one.  I think she knew it wouldn’t match her outfit

Happy Sun - art and photo by Sophia

At any rate, we all agreed that recess would be very safe that day, since we had so many deputies. The girls and I then walked over to admire the chalk drawings that had been done on the nearby pavement.  Sophia, who assured me she was a very good photographer, took a picture of the one she’d drawn.  It was a happy yellow sun, which pretty much summed up the week of recess duty at Blair, thanks to my cheerful and stylish companions.


5 thoughts on “Recess: There’s a dress code out there . . .

  1. Just followed your blog for the first time from fb and thoroughly enjoyed getting caught up. What a great way to record the enormity of small moments that mean so much. Thank you!

  2. Well I really enjoyed that! Every once in a while I get a little catch at the back of my throat when I think about the kids. The funny things they say, their wonderful openness, and their all around zest for life.

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