Halloween: Still Magic After All These Years

Breakfast Combo

I don’t know exactly when Halloween turned into a multi-generational fun fest, but that’s what it is.  We all like to dress up and pretend regardless of how old we are.   Halloween has some morbid aspects, but this doesn’t seem to dampen our spirits, so to speak. I started Halloween day at work dressed as a piece of bacon, thanks to my amazing assistant, Carolyn Black, who makes it her business to make sure I celebrate important events the right way. Carolyn obliged me by coming dressed as a fried egg, which helped my bacon costume look more sensible, if that’s possible.   I appreciated this, as without the egg nearby I looked like a  misplaced piece of prosciutto.

Darth Vader and Colleague

As you can see, we had many other costumes around the office, including Darth Vader and a friend who seemed to be a cross between and skeleton and a demon. Easy to see why those two were getting along. Thinking that this adult costume trend needed more investigation, I stopped by Richmond High for a visit later in the day.   I thought since the kids are older, the costume thing might be toned down, but how wrong I was.  The office staff was all dressed up with a “Wizard of Oz” theme, complete with Dorothy, Toto and and a good and bad witch.

Wizard of Oz in the Richmond High Office

Later that night I went Trick or Treating with my family and two preschooler grandsons,  who were Thor and Wolverine (respectively) for the night.  I’d ditched my bacon costume and was wearing a fake nose and glasses provided by my daughter-in law.  Auntie was dressed as a cowboy, Mom wore glasses that matched mine, and Dad was content with wearing a glow stick. I don’t remember this degree of family participation when I was a kid, but we were definitely not the only Halloween entourage around.  The sidewalk was packed with children and  parents in costume, along with aunties, uncles and grandparents who were along for the ride.  The adults answering the doors were in costume too, (proving my original point), and the whole neighbourhood was tricked out with front yard graveyards, cobwebs, orange lights, inflatable black cats etc etc.

Usually as you get older what you did as a child is a great memory, but not as much fun as it once was.  I’m including amusement parks, cotton candy, Transformers and Barbies in that disappointing category.

Brisk Business in Candy

Halloween seems to have avoided this fate.  I started the day as a piece of bacon, and ended it in the company of two tired four-year-old Superheroes.   Thor was completely out of  thunder by the time we finished trick or treating. With one hand firmly on  his candy bag, he put his other hand in mine, and we slowly walked on home together, each holding our own Halloween magic.


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